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Monthly Archives: October 2011

#1 Seller….Mom’s Famous Lincoln Bread

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If you love cream cheese, you will fall in love with mom’s famous lincoln bread. Imagine diving into a pastry, with a cream cheese filling, not too sweet and can be eaten as a snack by itself or as dessert. Its like a cheesecake stuffed inside a sweet roll, without all the added sugar. Lincoln Bread was a recipe handed down from my mother and after making a few tweaks, I must say I have made some improvements, possibly sweet perfection!?

This #1 seller is a half sheet loaf and has approximately 15-20 slices depending on how thin or thick you would like it sliced. I have come up with the idea of creating this lovely baked bread with a variety of flavors. Cream cheese pairs with many flavors, from home made preserves to candied nuts, milk or dark chocolate, and now a seasonal pumpkin filling! What is next? I do have a few more ideas up my sleeve to reveal to the public =) Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have stomachs to fill for the home, a wedding, and a few parties. Order your FAMOUS LINCOLN BREAD NOW! BAKED TO ORDER!! DELIVERED FRESH!!!


Seasonal Pumpkin Lincoln Bread Now Available

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Yes! You heard it right, I am now offering my Famous Lincoln bread with the spiced and warm flavor of Pumpkin. Fall is here and this new flavor is out to get your attention. Pre-book your THANKSGIVING ORDER now and/or any day for a snack, dessert, or party!

Its like a pumpkin pie cheesecake all wrapped inside of this lovely bread! Order your loaves today!