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Leona’s in Des Plaines Restaurant Review

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Unfortunately, not on the top of my list to visit back to dine in at this location =(
I was excited to try some italian cuisine and dont get me wrong the food was really good from our appetizer (calamari), bread service was great with the parmesan compound butter, and entree (got the Duo famous baked mac and cheese and 4 cheese lasagna with a side of meatball (huge piece of meat) lol…then the disappointment dessert…the turtle cheesecake…it was definitely from the freezer and   nuked in the microwave…some of it was hot..some of it was warm, some cold and middle still frozen…Nicole…your turtle cheesecake is still #1 on my list! The 2 stars are for the awesome food, definitely great portions for the price and great flavors on the palate. However, the service was pretty horrible, no drink refills in time, entrees came out while just having a bite of the calamari, grr i dislike when someone drops the entree when the appz just came out! Then the Cheesecake issues…Oh I forgot to mention, the manager was not dressed appropriately unless it was casual friday for them…seriously…khakis and a bright colored polo? also when he collected dishes he dropped them into the bus pans and created loud clanking noises, making it uncomfortable to hold a conversation…The lighting was good, not too bright…food is really good and that what the 2 stars are for. Not a repeat restaurant for me, possibly makes for great carryout?? Looking around, other people seemed to enjoy the food at least…

2 Stars Good Food….Horrible Service


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