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During these tough times, I have finally had the opportunity to have an interview for a new full time position. Unfortunately, I am not getting the hours needed to survive during these rough times at my current job.  A few weeks ago, I checked for job openings on Linkedin and saw many jobs in SanDiego, more importantly…I want to stay in Chicago still. So I applied at the Park in Golf Mill and sure enough, I get a call to set up an interview.

The interview was last Friday and met with the Dining Services Director/Executive.  Before he came out and got me, I was sitting patiently in the lobby area when a resident came along and sat by me. She asked me, what I am all dressed for? Before I could answer, she said, wait..dont tell me…an interview right? What position? I said yes an interview to be a cook. With her New York accent, she was talking about the menu, the food, and how good it has been. A few minutes later, I met with the Director and greeted the kind resident good bye…she wished me luck!

Instantly, the Director was like, that is our toughest resident here and you got to speak to her…Nice! I was saying in my head…sweet! Thank goodness I am getting better at interviewing and got it down packed. Definitely made a great first impression. It lasted about a good hour and then set up a follow up for today. He said come back Tuesday and I will give you 2 proteins to cook for me.

Today I went in and was excited to throwdown in the kitchen. Got the grand tour and met with the staff. I got chicken breasts and tilapia along with pantry and everything else. I asked him if he wanted a full plate, including starch and vegetables…he said no need. Chicken was up first since it takes longer to cook…I figured…hmmm…I will butterfly it and fill it with a traditional breadcrumb stuffing and a simple chicken sauce. I go to the pantry and grab some breadcrumbs, then the cooler for celery, onion, and carrots.  I butter up a saute pan and start to cook down the mirepoix along with some italian seasoning and toss the breadcrumbs in it. Then make a simple chicken base sauce with italian seasoning and thicken it up with a slurry. While i had that all going i went to the back and prepared to butterfly my chicken. Set the sauce aside, filled the stuffing inside and seared em off. Finished off in the oven and ladled some sauce to keep it moist and covered with foil. Next, the fish…hmm…I wanted to keep it simple and just poach it in white wine, lemon juice and dill. I couldnt just serve it alone…So i roasted a red pepper, grilled some lemons for garnish. To finish it off, i made a lemon butter and dill sauce to mate with the tilapia.  Finally, plated both of them up…and wala…2 dishes to present the Director and Executive Chef…

It was a success, the only thing was the chicken base was not low sodium and was slightly salty on their palate. They loved the way it was presented and my idea of butterflying it. The tilapia was refreshing and not too overpowering with the dill…light and simple.

Tomorrow I will get the call…and of course as I walked out, I acknowledged the waitstaff and everyone in the kitchen. They said, they hope to see me soon?? woot woot

Definitely excited to see what will happen. Looking forward to work 40 hour weeks in just 5 days and it is a set schedule….we shall see…=)


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  1. OMG! Good luck. Reading this reminded me of watching an episode of my favorite show, Chopped! I was sweating for you. Well done. Prayers for that phone to ring early in the day today with good news!!


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